Spencer on day one, happy, excited, smiling, but a desperate problem was lurking inside those beatiful floppy ears. He is the inspiration behind and the reason for the creation of the One Eared Cocker brand. 

Status Post TECA

Laser Therapy

Spencer underwent a TECA (total ear canal ablation) meaning that his inside ear canal was removed. The ear canal was totally blocked by scar tissue from unending ear infections and no medications were effective in getting deep down inside where the infections lurked. Three days after his surgery, the incision became infected with a super bug and he was back at the hospital undergoing multiple laser therapy sessions in an effort to save his ear. In this photo, he still has  his left ear. He was in ICU/hospital for a month while valiant efforts were done to save his cute cocker ear. He was a trooper throughout the ordeal.

After Ear Amputation

Ear Closed and Amputated Day One

Yes, that is his tongue hanging out. He had just come out of sedation and was in the recovery area. All efforts to save  his ear had failed and so now he was a one eared cocker spaniel. 

Happy and Healthy

Spencer The One Eared Cocker

This is the very first garment created by the One Eared Cocker. It is made from part of an unfinished quilt that had been left behind by the owner's mother when she died in 2019. The garment is fully lined with warm padding making it the perfect winter outfit. Spencer is now a healthy boy but still struggles with ear infections in his remaining ear and we diligently do our best to keep it clean and healthy so he does not become the No Eared Cocker!